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Unless specifically stated as a “Group Session”, all individual hypnosis sessions are 1 on 1 and live on Zoom. 

Once you register for a hypnosis session via the links below, you will be sent a “Confirmation Email”. 

Thereafter, you will also be sent an email titled “How to Prepare for Your Hypnosis Session”, complete with simple and easy instructions and a one-click link to our Zoom meeting.

Unless I send you a different link to register after speaking on our 20 minute strategy session, you can use these links below to pick a time, register and pay for any of the following hypnosis sessions: 

A ) 2 Hour Stop Smoking Session:
B ) 2 Hour Weight Loss Session:
C ) 2 Hour Anxiety & Stress Relief Session:
D ) 2 Hour Text & Exam Passing Session:
E ) 2 Hour Confidence & Goal Achieving Session:

For issues, topics and challenges not listed above, please click here to Schedule a Free 20 Minute Strategy Sessionwith us. 

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We also offer Group Smoking Cessation Sessions for folks who want to stop smoking and vaping at reduced price. The price for these group sessions is only 50% of the price of our 1 on 1 personal and individualized Smoking Cessation Hypnosis Sessions. 

For dates, scheduling and questions about our Group Smoking Cessation Sessions, please Click here to “Schedule a Free 20 Minute Strategy Session”with us